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Queens crane collapse injuries New York construction workers

Construction work is risky for everyone involved. As any NYC construction accident attorney knows, there is financial risk for investors and the construction company, and more importantly, physical risk for the construction workers who are out there daily performing the physical labor.

Recently, seven construction workers were injured when a 380-foot crane at the construction site of a luxury development collapsed. No serious injuries were reported, though the workers, who are employed by a subcontractor, were all taken to area hospitals for treatment and were expected to be released shortly. The crane had been constructed only four days before, and is owned by a different company that had previously been charged, but acquitted, of criminal negligence relating to another crane collapse.

Workers who have been injured in construction accidents may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Such benefits are aimed at ensuring that workers do not experience the financial hardship associated with an injury on the job, such as numerous medical bills and time away from work. The construction company itself could be liable, though liability may instead fall on subcontractors, managers or property owners. The determination of which entity is liable will depend on the cause of the accident itself. Workers’ compensation programs in most states cover expenses for medical care, temporary or permanent disability and vocational rehabilitation.

The construction workers at the Queens development site were lucky to have escaped without serious injury. But, in the tragic event of the death of a construction worker in a workplace accident, the surviving family members may be able to bring a wrongful death action and recover damages.

Source:, “Seven construction workers hurt after crane collapses onto Long Island City, Queens work site,” Joe Kemp and Greg B. Smith, Jan. 9, 2013

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