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When Workmens Compensation is Not Enough

Workmen’s Compensation exists to provide individuals who have been injured on the job with some amount of monetary recourse while they are recovering from their injuries and cannot work. Unfortunately, quite often the amount granted through your employer or insurance carrier might not be enough.

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This can be well evidenced in New York, where dangerous jobs cause accidents and injuries every day. Such was the case with the recent wall collapse that occurred in upstate New York, in which two workers were seriously injured and one was killed.

While the injured workers may receive worker’s compensation, it may not be enough to pay for treatment for their injuries or enable them to continue to provide for themselves and their families during recovery. That’s why it’s especially important that you seek the advice and counsel of a New York City workplace injury lawyer. As construction accidents are fairly common in NY, you can find New York construction accident attorneys that are well experienced in these types of claims.

A personal injury attorney will carefully examine your worker’s compensation policy and the details of the accident that caused your injuries. The lawyer will enable you to see what other options might be available to you that might be more beneficial to you and provide you with a much larger settlement. Quite often, retaining the services of personal injury lawyers in NYC and settling your case in court is the better option, especially if your injuries are severe and result in a disability or require extended treatment.

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