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More Injuries Lead to More GM Recalls—Is the Compensation they Offer Enough?

General Motors have certainly been in the news a lot lately, as more and more automobiles are recalled. They have been under increased scrutiny for the delays in recalls when they allegedly knew that there were potential dangers with faulty ignition switches, airbags, and other issues. In trying to appease the concerns of consumers and those who suffered injuries or lost loved ones, they are offering compensation settlements, providing that those who take settlements don’t sue later on with a trial attorney.

Personal injury lawyers in NYC advise against taking a settlement, because although GM may be offering a large amount of compensation, it may not be enough for some who will continue to suffer with medical issues throughout the remainder of their life, such as one woman who is now blind in one of her eyes. Additionally, others have lost loved ones, and the compensation offered by GM may not be enough to cover their grief and subsequent monetary issues from losing the family provider.

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The best personal injury attorneys in NYC have stated that it would be more beneficial in the long run for those with potential cases against GM to seek legal counsel rather than simply accept a settlement directly from GM. If you are currently involved in seeking a settlement from GM or have been thinking about filing a case, contact a NYC trial attorney today, and we’ll tell you how you can receive the just compensation you deserve. Don’t settle for less now when you may need much more down the line.

If you or a family member has suffered a from an injury due to a faulty automobile contact the best personal injury lawyers in New York to make sure you get the maximum compensation you are owed.

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