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Five Things You Must Do Immediately After an Automobile Accident

Immediately following an automobile accident, it is understandable that you are shaken and upset. If you are injured, chances are you are more concerned about your injuries than anything else. However, according to top NYC serious injury lawyers. It is important to remember that there are five things you should always do right after being involved in an accident, assuming you are able to do so.

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1. Try to remain calm.

Heightened tension, anger, fright and other stressful emotions that run wild can be detrimental to a case if you need to go to court. Personal injury lawyers in NYC suggest taking a few moments to get control of your emotions before engaging the other parties involved in the accident or speaking to others on the scene.

2. If possible, move yourself and/or your vehicle to a safe place.

You certainly don’t want to be sitting in the middle of a major highway, as this can lead to additional accidents.

3. Contact the Police

Many people sometimes just exchange insurance information and avoid calling the police if the accident was small or you don’t feel you sustained injuries. This is a mistake, as a police report will be needed if you have to file a lawsuit with a personal injury attorney in NY. Also, some injuries may not make themselves known until after a few days.

4. Exchange Insurance Information

After the police have been called and an accident report has been filed, you will want to exchange insurance information. The police report may already have this information for you, as well as important details about the accident.

5. Photograph and document anything that might not be included in the report.

Details are especially important in the event of a lawsuit. Remember to get the contact information for any witnesses as well, as they can help you to prove negligence on the part of the other driver or drivers involved in the accident.

If you are ever injured in a car accident, you might consider speaking over what happened to you with an experienced personal injury attorney.
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