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Texting While Driving: Who is at-Fault in an Accident?

You’ve probably heard plenty about the dangers of texting and driving, and maybe even known someone involved in an accident where the other driver was texting. In most cases, the fault of the accident rests with the individual that was found to be texting. However, proving that texting was involved isn’t always so easy to do. That’s why personal injury lawyers in NYC recommend retaining their services so that they can launch a full investigation and prove negligence.

Texting in traffic

If it can be proven that someone was texting while driving, there is usually little doubt as to who caused the accident. The best NYC personal injury lawyers will investigate the accident reports and other details surrounding the accident, interview witnesses, and possibly even reconstruct the accident if required in order to prove negligence. If texting was believed to have been a major factor, phone records can be acquired to see if in fact texting was occurring at the time of the accident.

Injuries sustained during such an accident can be severe, and a victim of a texting driver can be rewarded with a large amount of compensation for damages, injuries, continued medical treatment, lost wages, and more. You have a right to seek deserving compensation and refuse any settlement from the insurance companies.

After any accident, and especially one where texting was involved, it is always wise to seek the counsel of a NY personal injury attorney. The attorney will help you pursue a case against the individual who was responsible for the accident and/or any injuries you sustained as a result.  Contact our NY personal injury attorneys today.

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