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If You, a Child, or Pet Have Received a Dog Bite, What Legal Options Do You Have?

Many people living in New York City have dogs as pets. They are often seen walking with their owners along the sidewalks or through parks to get exercise. Some dogs are kept for company while others are used as watchdogs over property. In either case, dog attacks and dog bites can occur at a moment’s notice, causing injury to you, a child, or your own pet. If a dog bit occurs, what legal options to you have?

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New York has a mixed legal ruling for dog bites. This means that if the dog has previous aggressive complaints against it, then the owner has to pay for the victim’s medical costs for humans and veterinary costs for biting dogs. Even if the dog has no aggressive history, if a personal injury lawyer in NYC can prove that the owner knew of its aggressive tendencies, yet was negligent in its care, monetary awards can be obtained.

Many dog owners place “Beware of Dog” signs on their properties to warn people of the danger. However, such signs do not necessarily prove the owner had knowledge of the dog’s vicious tendencies or excuse them from liability issues. On the other hand, dogs restrained on leashes or chains that growl or bear their teeth are not necessarily judged to be vicious and dangerous.

The bottom line is that dog bite cases often go to trial for a jury to decide whether a dog bite occurred from a vicious animal or due to the negligence of the owner. We have the best NYC personal injury lawyers that will use their expertise to help determine the aggressiveness of the dog or negligence of the owner. If your dog bite case goes to trial, your assigned trial attorney will work to sway the jury in your favor.

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