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In a Dangerous World, Injury Compensation May Be Due to Inadequate Security

There is no doubt, the world is becoming a more dangerous place and New York City is no exception. People who rent apartments in the city expect, and are entitled to, a certain amount of security from their landlords. Residents should be able to go to and from work and school and children should be able to play outside without having a constant fear of experiencing violent attacks or preventable injuries.

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The State of New York requires landlords to provide a basic and reasonable amount of security to ensure the safety of their tenants. If a tenant is subjected to a criminal attack or suffers harm due to unsecure railing or some other property malfunction then the victim may be able to sue through a personal injury lawyer in NYC. The key to winning such a case lies in the landlord’s negligence in preventing a foreseeable event. For example, if the property has a history of problems with criminal elements hanging around the premises and the landlord has taken no precautionary steps to reduce that activity and someone gets hurt then the victim may be able to sue for negligence.

You shouldn’t have to live in fear for your safety or that of your loved ones. If you believe that an assault or injury has occurred due to your landlord not taking the necessary steps to provide proper security, contact us for a free consultation. We have the best NYC personal injury lawyers that are committed to obtaining all the compensation you’re due under the law.  If you need help with a personal injury case in New York City, contact us today.

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