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Did a driving texter cause you to be involved in an accident? How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help.

Many states, including New York, have enacted tough laws regarding texting and driving. Texting has become a major factor involved in many accidents that have caused serious injuries and death, and so of course it is a practice that should be illegal. However, the dangers of texting and driving still do not dissuade many drivers from using their mobile devices while driving, as personal injury attorneys in NY can attest to.

Texting while Driving (March 28, 2013)

Several studies have also stated that even hands-free communication devices have been deemed to be a large distraction. However, after an accident, proving that an individual that was texting or using a hands-free device was at fault can be difficult. Unless the driver who caused the accident readily admits that texting or some other type of distraction caused him to be negligent, resulting in the accident, it will be very difficult for anyone, including a police officer at the scene, to determine the actual reasons for the accident.

That’s why retaining the services of a NYC personal injury attorney can greatly help your case and provide you with ample compensation for any injuries you or loved ones might have suffered resulting from an accident. The personal injury attorney can launch a thorough investigation to determine the exact causes of the accident, and if texting was involved, prove so in court so that you can receive proper monetary compensation. Otherwise, insurance company claims adjusters might try to offer you a much lower settlement, or even no settlement at all, claiming that you were at fault!

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