Personal Injury Attorneys

A personal injury attorney in NY can help you get compensation for missed work after an accident.

If you’ve recently been involved in an accident, you are probably aware that you are entitled to monetary compensation for damages to your vehicle and any injuries you might have sustained, provided the insurance companies and police report conclude that you were not at fault for the accident. However, insurance companies typically do not offer a very large amount (usually much less than you deserve), and they also don’t take into account other forms of compensation you may be entitled to, such as monetary compensation for time missed from work.

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Depending upon the extent of your injuries or those suffered by a family member or loved one, you may be missing quite a bit of work while you recover or receive treatment. If your injuries are very extensive, you may even be no longer able to perform certain duties related to your current profession. Personal injury attorneys in NYC see plenty of cases such as this, and can help their clients receive compensation for time missed from work, as well as monetary compensation for any work that may be missed in the future if your injuries cause you to lose or have to resign from your job.

Many jobs allow certain amounts of time off from work for emergencies, as a result of the Family and Medical Leave Act. However, if your injuries require you to miss more work than is allowed by your job, then you would be wise to contact a NY personal injury attorney to discuss the details and see how you can be properly and fairly compensated.

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