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Can you sue the city for damages after a truck, car or bus accident? New York car accident lawyers can help.

When you are involved in an accident, you typically believe that the other driver, if at fault, is the one who you will sue. However, sometimes it may actually be more prudent to sue the city rather than another driver, dependent upon the circumstances that caused the accident. New York car accident lawyers see several cases in which the city can actually be found negligent and at fault for particular accidents, such as in cases where the road was not properly maintained or traffic signals were not working properly.

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Bad signage can also be to blame, and the city might also be at fault if the accident involved a city-owned vehicle, such as a bus. Such types of accidents can be very complex and the details may be hard to ascertain, but experienced New York car accident attorneys are well versed in all the avenues that must be traveled in order to best file a case and ensure that any victims of the accident receive fair and deserving compensation for automobile damages and injuries sustained.

If you have been involved in an accident where you feel the city or a city organization might be at fault, then contact a New York car accident attorney today. The lawyer can handle all of the proper procedures and paperwork that will need to be filed, and is knowledgeable of NYC regulations and laws regarding such types of claims. Be sure not to take too long before deciding to sue the city—there is a time limit on such claims as opposed to when you sue a business or individual. Your lawyer, after following all procedures, will then attempt to prove negligence on the part of the city or city organization, and fight on your behalf to help you receive a fair settlement.

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