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Injured at a New York City public pool? Contact a NYC personal injury lawyer to discuss your rights.

New York City public pools can be a great source of fun and entertainment in the warmer summer months, but they can also a place of concern if not properly maintained and monitored. NYC pools can be a hotspot for injuries, and while many of them are just common slips and falls that cause a little bit of bruising or a scratch, others can be far more severe, as many New York personal injury lawyers can attest to.

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To reduce the risk of injury, always be careful when in the pool area. Wear flip flops or other footwear that helps to prevent slipping on wet areas, and definitely avoid running. Also make sure that there is a lifeguard on duty to better ensure the safety of you and your family. Always keep in mind that as much fun a NYC public pool can be, they are also dangerous if you are not careful. Pool drains, the sides of pools, improperly secured ladders, and other objects in the pool area can pose a significant risk.

Should an unfortunate incident occur, you may have some recourse in regards to compensation for medical bills, and any other monetary damages you or a loved one suffers as a result of a NYC public pool accident. Speak to a NYC personal injury attorney to discuss the details of the accident during a free consultation. You’ll learn whether you have rights to compensation and if the city or other establishment can be found negligible and at fault for the accident.

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