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Is it better to settle an accident claim or go to court? NYC car accident attorneys have the answer.

After an auto accident, a common procedure is often to file claims with the insurance company, and if the accident has been found to be the fault of the other driver, then to wait to see how much the insurance companies offer you and to take their settlement. However, you might not realize that compensation offered by insurance companies is often low and unfair, even if they try to pretend that you are getting a large amount.


That doesn’t mean it is always necessary to see a New York City car accident lawyer and go to court, as every case if different, and the circumstances surround each case can be a determining factor in how much compensation you are offered. But it sure doesn’t hurt to have a free consultation with a trial attorney first just to make sure that you aren’t losing out on more compensation that you deserve.

The NYC car accident attorney will hear the details of your case and can recommend the best course of action. Because an experienced attorney fully understands the laws of NYS, and also knows how insurance companies work, they can give you an honest, informed answer as to whether you should settle with the insurance company or retain their services. Typically, if you are a loved one suffered any injuries as a result of the accident, it will be recommended that you utilize the services of professional NYC car accident attorneys, in order to ensure that you receive the most you may be entitled to in order to cover any future medical treatment or lifestyle changes as well.

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