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Things insurance companies won’t tell you after a car accident, but NYC car accident attorneys will.

When speaking with your insurance company after a car accident, you may feel as if they are on your side and only want to help ensure that you receive fair compensation for damages to your automobile, as well as for any injuries you or your loved ones may have suffered. But they actually only have one priority, and it isn’t you—rather, it is to make money, as they are a business after all, and the way in which they do that is by giving you as little as possible while still making you feel as though you’re getting a fair settlement.

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To help them achieve this, there are several things they never tell you, which is why it is always recommended that you contact a New York auto accident attorney after an accident so that you know exactly what your rights are and how much compensation you may be entitled to.

For example, insurance companies also won’t tell you that:

  • The questions insurance claims adjusters ask you may misconstrue the facts for their own benefit so as to reduce the amount of the claim
  • When they are investigating your claim, they are actually looking for evidence that will help them to reduce your claim
  • If you cash a check from the insurance company, it may mean that you have no further rights to any additional settlement
  • They know nothing about medical issues and cannot help you find a doctor, and may not even encourage you to see one

There are many other things insurance companies won’t tell you, but thankfully, a personal injury attorney will, and will always fight on your behalf to ensure you get the most compensation you deserve.

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