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Can you sue your landlord if you were injured in your rental apartment?

New York City certainly has its fair share of terrible apartments, from those costing astronomical monthly rents for a space the size of a closet, to those in need of major repairs. And then there are those that are perfectly fine, but somehow manage to cause their tenant’s injuries. In many cases, it isn’t always the fault of the apartment, or the tenant, but rather the landlord, who may have been negligent in ensuring that the apartment was safe.

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New York City landlords have a responsibility to maintain the apartment in such a manner that the tenant’s safety is not compromised. However, New York personal injury lawyers can tell you that this is certainly not always the case. A landlord can be proven to have been negligent if he or she can be shown to have not taken any reasonable action to maintain the apartment or handle necessary repairs. If there is an issue in the apartment that required attention and/or maintenance, and the landlord did not act in a timely fashion or fix the problem properly, and that problem resulted in tenant injury, hen they may be held liable for damages.

If you or a loved one was injured in an apartment building, contact a New York personal injury lawyer today. After hearing the details of your situation, your lawyer can inform you as to whether you have a viable case and if you are deserving of compensation. You may be able to file a lawsuit in order to receive compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages due to time missed from work, and any future treatment you may require if injuries were severe.

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