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Were you given the wrong prescription at a pharmacy? NY Pharmacy Error Attorneys can help you.

When you go to a pharmacy to pick up a prescription, you are counting on the pharmacist to fill it and dispense instructions for use or consumption correctly. If they were to provide you with the wrong medication and/or instructions, there could be serious health consequences and, in some cases, an avoidable death.

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Pharmacists have a responsibility to provide you with the correct prescriptions and the right instructions to ensure that your health is not at risk. However, there are many instances on record where errors have occurred in New York City pharmacies.

NY Pharmacy Error Attorneys have, unfortunately, seen many cases in which an individual suffered anything from a mild illness to hospitalization or death due to a pharmacist providing the wrong prescription. When this occurs, you have a right to sue for negligence and should be properly compensated for your pain, suffering and additional medical bills.

If you or a loved one was given the wrong prescription by a pharmacist, or improperly instructed on its use, then you may have a case. It is recommended that you contact experienced  NYC Medical Malpractice Lawyers to discuss the details of the incident. Your attorney will fight on your behalf to prove negligence and ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

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