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Did an enjoyable boat trip end in injury? Contact a New York City Boat Accident Attorney for help.

One of the most exciting and leisurely things to do in New York City is to take a boat ride through New York’s waterways. Thousands of people enjoy these little adventures each week in New York, and most have a wonderful time. However, some do not fare as well, instead suffering injuries and possibly even death due to a boating accident.

View from NY Waterways Ferry Boat, returning from NYC to NJ

New York City Boat Accident Attorneys also see many other accidents involving privately owned boats, jet skis, fishing boats, and other watercraft. When these vehicles are operated in a negligent manner, they can cause injuries to others. Accidents resulting in serious injury can be devastating, but, thankfully, victims often have a right to compensation for their injuries and other damages.

Contact a New York City Boat Accident Attorney to discuss the details of your case. Your attorney will investigate and determine if negligence was a factor, such as an inexperienced captain, an improperly maintained watercraft, or simple carelessness on the part of another watercraft operator.

Boat operators have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for passengers and to operate their vessels in a manner that does not endanger those around them. If they have failed in their duties, then you can file a claim with your attorney who will help you prove your case.

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