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Do you suffer from an injury to your brachial plexus that was caused by negligence? Contact a New York City Brachial Plexus Injury Attorney.

The bundle of nerves originating near the neck and shoulder is known as the brachial plexus.  Controlling the shoulder, arm, and hand, this network of nerves may be injured in a number of ways.  Injury may be permanent and, in severe cases, may result in the loss of use of the arm or loss of sensitivity to touch.

Brachial plexus anterior view nerves.JPG

If you have been injured you already know the lengthy recovery process for these injuries.  Depending on the severity of your injury you may have to relearn how to use your arm.  Even worse, you may be permanently disabled and unable to work in your profession.

If your injury is from medical malpractice or someone negligently injures you and damaged your brachial plexus, you need to contact a seasoned professional with experience in cases such as yours; someone who knows how to evaluate your situation or put you in contact with medical experts who can; someone who knows the ins and outs of the legal system when it comes to personal injury cases.  You need someone who can get you the highest award possible for your injuries.

Contact a New York City Brachial Plexus Injury Attorney, and get your case evaluated. We can help you make an educated decision as to whether you should pursue litigation or a settlement.  If you elect to settle your case we can help you decide how much you should ask for.  Let’s get started.  Contact us today.

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