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Were you hurt when faulty scaffolding collapsed? Find out your rights, contact a NYC scaffolding accident attorney.

The use of scaffolding, while necessary, might constitute an inherently dangerous activity due to the added risk of injury when the scaffolding is improperly maintained or assembled.  Scaffolding which has been incorrectly assembled can easily collapse, dropping people and items onto the ground below.  If you were hurt when scaffolding failed you may be able to recover for your injuries.

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The use of scaffolding is dangerous due to the potential for items (or people) to fall from a great height.  When properly maintained and assembled this risk may be minimized; however, even a minor error when using scaffolding may result in grievous injuries.  If you have suffered such an injury you may be able to hold the scaffolding user liable.  Likewise, if scaffolding has not been maintained and collapses as a result, those who are injured may be able to recover from the company or person who failed to perform the needed maintenance.

Even scaffolding which has been properly assembled and maintained, poses a risk of harm; for this reason when scaffolding is in use there are safeguards which should be followed to protect those on the ground.  For example, temporary roofs are frequently constructed over walkways to shield pedestrians from falling tools.  If a scaffolding user neglects to construct such a covering—or if the covering was shoddily constructed—a pedestrian harmed by falling objects may be able to sue for negligence, which is why contacting our NY accident lawyers right away is important.

If you have been hurt in a scaffolding accident, contact a New York City Scaffolding Accident Attorney today to see how we could help you.

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