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Were you hurt by one of the many New York City taxis? Find Out if You’re Owed Compensation by contacting a NYC Taxi accident lawyer!

Taxis are a ubiquitous and necessary part of the New York City landscape.  Without them many people would be unable to survive life in the city. Traffic and parking issues would worsen, and accident rates would likely increase due to the substitution of layperson drivers for professional ones.

Times Square NYC taxi

Nevertheless taxis must be properly maintained and operated in order to ensure the safety of their occupants and others.  A taxi which logs a high number of miles should be regularly serviced to prevent catastrophic failure of crucial safety systems such as brakes and steering.

Likewise, the taxi companies must do their part to ensure that their drivers are competent and not operating motor vehicles when they are intoxicated or otherwise unqualified to do so.

If you were injured in an accident involving a taxi you may be able to recover from the driver, his or her insurance company, the company that owned the taxi, and even in some cases the mechanic who performed maintenance on the vehicle.

If you were hurt by a taxi, contact a NYC Taxi Accident Lawyer and let us evaluate your position.  We have NY accident lawyers to consult with that have experience in motor vehicle accidents in NYC.  We can look at your case from all the angles and give you solid advice as to your chances of recovery as well as the size of the damages you may expect to be awarded.  Contact us today and see how we may help you.

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