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Were you or a loved one injured by a vicious dog? Contact a New York City Dog Bite Attorney today and explore your options.

People who own dogs are responsible for taking measures to prevent them from harming others.  Owners should ensure that their dogs are housed in such a manner as to minimize the risk of the dogs escaping and attacking people.  When dogs are walked owners are responsible for maintaining a safe distance from other people or using safety equipment such as a muzzle to prevent the animals from biting.  Owners—even owners of dogs which have never shown aggression—are expected to be vigilant and cautious when their animals are around other people.  Failure to exercise the adequate precautions may result in serious injury.

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If you were injured when a dog attacked you, you may be able to recover damages for your medical expenses as well as other expenses such as lost wages and therapy.  Depending on the situation you may be able to recover for your pain and suffering as well.

You should speak with an attorney who has experience in dealing with vicious dog attacks and who knows the ins and outs of the law regarding these matters.  Contact a New York City Personal Injury Attorney today and let us help you explore what your options may be so you can make an educated decision regarding your course of action.  Let us explain the law and help you decide the best route for you to take.

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