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Dangers of Texting and Walking

Dangers of Texting and Walking

            Texting and driving is extremely dangerous, and punishable by law in many American states, although you are not operating a motor vehicle, texting while waking can be just as risky to your health, especially in New York City. Whether it be falling down stairs, stepping into traffic, crashing into another person on the street or tripping over debris, using a phone while walking can be more dangerous than you think. Other than being incredibly risky, you may also have to contact a New York City pedestrian accident lawyer, so save yourself an unwarranted injury and send that text from the safety of a boring conversation lull like everyone else.

Pedestrians who are texting or talking on their phone, or using any kind of social media platform walk more slowly and are far less cautious than pedestrians who are not distracted. Talking on the phone can be a huge distraction, but playing on your phone or texting causes you to look down and straight out become unable to see the path in front of you.  An individual’s balance and posture are compromised, and they are unable to see what is directly ahead of them which leads to injury. While using a cellphone you are more likely to veer off course, and possibly overshoot a target. You are a hazard to yourself and others, as it is very likely you will simply crash into another unsuspecting individual. Texting and walking is an issue anywhere with large groups of people, but especially in metropolitan areas like New York City.

New York is the most populated city in America, considering the amount of natives and tourists present on any given day, it is no surprise that it is a hot spot for texting and walking related accidents. Walking down any single street you can see manholes, construction, hundreds of people, bikers, cabs and if you are not paying attention this can be a recipe for disaster. Tourists not knowing where they are going may be feverishly searching for an Uber ride, or the address for the perfect slice, while looking down they may walk into oncoming traffic or get trampled by the large crowds who do not have time to waste. Other that the obvious risk of crowds and traffic there are things like piers or subway cars to account for. If you are not looking up, but rather down at your phone you can stumble down a concrete set of steps leading down to the subway, or even worse get stuck in the subway doors. One woman was embarrassed to report that she was on a pier and literally walked off it as she as checking an email, luckily her husband rushed down to save her and injuries were minimal.

If you ever do find yourself in a texting and walking accident be sure to contact a New York City Pedestrian accident lawyer. Or if you happen to be on the other end, the person hitting the distracted walker make sure you contact a lawyer to find out all the details of a possible car accident lawsuit. Stay safe! Text on the other side of the street, and no in the middle of it.

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