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Tips for Being a Defensive Motorcycle Rider

Tips for Being a Defensive Motorcycle Rider

For motorcycle riders and enthusiasts good weather means time to get out the old hog and hit the road. There are many clubs to join, and events to attend as a rider or admirer, motorcycles can be an amazing hobby! Other than the obvious upsides of the passion, it is a constant challenge and test of skill to stay safe while participating. Riders should remain informed about tips for being a defensive minded rider, or what to do if even in an accident and when to contact a car accident attorney.

The first step to being a defensive motorcycle rider is of course to take a safety course! In most states it is required that you take one of these anyway, the class will teach you about the traffic safety laws that pertain, give you tips about how to maintain your bike or even how to recover from a skid on the road. Once you’ve taken the class the next step is to get the appropriate gear. You should never ride on a motorcycle in flip flops. Boots, gloves, leather jackets and helmets will save your looks and maybe your life when coming into direct contact with the pavement. Many companies specialize in motorcycle gear so you can easily obtain protective garments that suit your wants and budget. After you’ve got the right materials, and are well versed in the laws of the road, it is essential to ride within your skills. Eventually challenge yourself, but just starting out you should only ride in locations or weather that you feel confident and comfortable in. Grow your skills in safe way, avoid aggressive riding because a motorcycle can never dominate full sized trucks or cars. Stay in the safest lane and avoid lane sharing with other motorcycle operators. Avoid distraction, never wear headphones or check your cell phone while riding a motorcycle, it is extremely dangerous. Be sure to leave enough space for stopping and make sure to look two or three times for other motorcycles on the road. Bikes are harder to spot than full sized vehicles and an extra glance can save a life.

If the unfortunate event that you have experienced a motorcycle accident, you always should go to the hospital just in case. Injuries may not become apparent until days after in incident, or the road rash that you think will just go away may become infected. Also, it is always beneficial to contact a New York City motorcycle accident attorney to get information if you can be compensated regarding the accident or injury obtained after the accident.  A New York City motor cycle accident attorney will represent your best interests, they have a much higher success right of handling the claims with a beneficial resolution for the rider.

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