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The Most Common Causes of Accidents in NYC

The most recent year of automobile accident statistics made available by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (NYSDMV) is 2014. Out of 299,552 motor vehicle accidents, 966 fatal crashes occurred, 1,026 people lost their lives and there were 160,079 non-fatal injuries.

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New York City’s Statistics for 2014

2014 Accident Fatalities

NYS Total Fatalities Drivers Killed Passengers Killed Pedestrians Killed Bicyclists Killed
NYS 571 140 268 47
NYC 75 26 130 19

2014 Accident Non-Fatal Injuries

NYS Total Non-Fatal Injuries Drivers Injured Passengers Injured Pedestrians Injured Bicyclists Injured
NYS 96,547 42,979 14,906 5,647
NYC 50,960 19,170 10,975 3,861

The severity of automobile crashes varies, but the reality of the numbers is clear; and so is what day of the week – Friday – is the most prevalent for an accident. The highest fatality number fell on Monday from 3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. at 28 deaths in 2014; and Friday between the hours of 3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. is recorded to have the highest number of personal injuries at 4,598 across NYS.

  • Sunday – Total accidents were 32,908 with 160 fatalities across New York State and 13,406 personal injuries.
  • Monday – Total accidents were 42,866 with 129 fatalities across New York State and 25,654 personal injuries.
  • Tuesday – Total accidents were 43,480 with 116 fatalities across New York State and 25,947 personal injuries.
  • Wednesday – Total accidents were 45,604 with 132 fatalities across New York State and 27,895 personal injuries.
  • Thursday – Total accidents were 45,444 with 121 fatalities across New York State and 17,794 personal injuries.
  • Friday – Total accidents were 49,259 with 155 fatalities across New York State and 19,089 personal injuries.
  • Saturday – Total accidents were 39,891 with 153 fatalities across New York State and 16,099 personal injuries.

The reasons automobile accident occur are an infinite number and common causes are avoidable.

Distracted Driving

Distractions while driving are common and a major contributing factor in automobile accidents. In 2016, drivers are equipped with handheld electronics – cell phone for example – raising concerns of distracted driving. Out of 299,552 motorized vehicle accidents in New York State 48,774 accidents in 2014, were a direct result of drivers being inattentive while driving, according to NYSDMV. These accidents rank as the number cause of all car accidents in NYS for year 2014.

Total Number of Automobile Accidents – 48,774

Deaths – 100

Non-Fatal Personal Injuries – 24,201

Resulting in Property Damage – 24,473

Alcohol and Drug Impaired

Despite the efforts to eradicate drunk driving accidents, in 2014, alcohol related crashes contributed to a total of 270 automobile accidents with a total of 292 deaths. Out of 3,974 alcohol related automobile accidents, there were 5,674 personal injuries.

2014 DWI/DUI Fatalities

  • Drivers Killed – 163
  • Drinking Drivers – 152
  • Non-Drinking Drivers – 11
  • Passengers Killed – 47
  • Pedestrians Killed – 71
  • Bicyclists Killed – 11

Impaired driving does not only include illegal drugs ingested by a driver, it also includes prescription and over-the-counter drugs. The statistics below may, or may not accurately give a complete picture. Often drug related accidents are incorrectly reported, “falling asleep at the wheel” is a good example. An accident listing this as the cause may have actually been the driver falling asleep because of ingested drugs – also true in alcohol related accidents.

Drug Impaired Accidents

  • Total Crashes – 1,239
  • Fatal Crashes – 170
  • Non-Fatal Personal Injury Crashes – 642

Common causes for automobile accidents are many, but some stand out over the rest as leaders.

Drug Impaired Fatalities

  • Drivers Killed – 98
  • Drug-Involved Drivers – 92
  • Non-Drug Involved Drivers – 6
  • Passengers Killed – 34
  • Pedestrians Killed – 49
  • Bicyclists Killed – 7

Tailgating – Following Too Closely

Drivers get in a rush at times, and some drive aggressive in general. Tailgating – following too closely, unsafe lane changes, speeding and other reckless driving actions are listed as common causes of car accidents in NYS. Driving at an unsafe speed alone attributed to 277 fatalities and 11,959 personal injuries.

The Drowsy or Fatigued Driver

Some experts regard drowsy driving as dangerous as drunk driving. As travel times to and from work get longer, drivers are becoming more fatigued, making this a more common contributing factor in crashes.

Road and Weather Conditions

Road defects and weather conditions can contribute to a vehicle accident. New York State is known for inclement weather conditions, and that bad weather (freezing and thawing) can create less than safe roads for driving. Not only can it break up asphalt, weather in general is an attributing factor in car accidents. Snow, black ice, sleet and even fog and rain contribute their fair share of accidents.

If you have suffered injuries in an auto accident in NYC, whatever the cause, contact Dansker & Aspromonte Associates today to discuss how we can help you recover the damages you deserve.

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