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New York Offers Extra Protection to Public Servants Injured in the Line of Duty

New York City police and firefighters put their personal safety on the line every day. Although officers and firefighters are entitled to income and medical care if they are disabled by a line of duty injury, that isn’t always sufficient to fully compensate the injured officer. It also doesn’t ensure that the responsible party will be required to compensate the injured public servant.

In many states, options are limited for those injured heroes. However, New York’s legislature has empowered our police and firefighters to pursue compensation directly from some responsible parties, without impacting their right to other legal remedies.

Private Lawsuits for NYC Line of Duty Injuries

A New York statute gives NYPD and other New York police officers and firefighters the right to sue for line of duty injuries where the violation of a statute, ordinance, code, rule or regulation causes the officer’s or fireman’s injuries.

That may sound a bit restrictive, since a law or regulation must be violated before the public servant is p

ermitted to pursue a direct claim for compensation.

Negligent behavior alone is not sufficient for this type of lawsuit, as it would be for a general personal injury case. However, our experienced fireman lawyers or an NYC line of duty injury attorney will know how to thoroughly research the circumstances of the injury and the relevant laws, and you may be surprised to discover that the responsible party as in violation of a statute, ordinance or regulation.

Imagine, for example, that an officer responding to a call gets out of his car in the dark and begins walking up the driveway. Halfway up the drive, he trips over a raised crack in the concrete and seriously injures his knee, requiring surgery. At first glance, this sounds like a general premises liability claim based in negligence, which would not give rise to a line of duty injury claim.

However, it turns out that the New York State Property Maintenance Code requires that driveways (was well as sidewalks, walkways, parking spaces and other similar exterior spaces “be kept in a proper state of repair, and maintained free from hazardous conditions.” The harm was, in fact, caused by the property owner’s failure to comply

with this law—a law many New Yorkers probably do not know exists.

No Set-off in Line of Duty Injury Cases

When a police officer or firefighter suffers a debilitating injury, he or she will typically be awarded disability income and medical care. In civilian personal injury cases, the responsible party would be entitled to set off those amounts, effectively deducting the compensation received from another party from the damages in the case. However, the statute enabling New York police and firefighters to sue for line of duty injuries specifies that other rights of recovery will not be affected.

This principle is well illustrated by the case of a young New York police officer injured in an automobile accident while on patrol.

Line of Duty Injury Claims against Governmental Entities

The right to file a line of duty injury case against a party whose violation of some statute or other regulation gave rise to an injury is not limited to outsiders. Line of duty injury claims can be and often are asserted against the governmental entity that employs the injured public servant.

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