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    If you sustain injuries in a car accident, you may be entitled to recover damages. If your injuries are severe, you may want to seek the help of a personal injury lawyer who can negotiate with insurance adjusters on your behalf. We want to protect you from potentially misleading insurance companies.

    Injuries from a car accident can be devastating, leaving you unable to work and facing significant medical and rehabilitation costs. Personal injury claims can take time to resolve and are complicated by the insurance and state laws that apply to such cases.

    Addressing any questions that you may have in a free case review is a great first step in finding out if you can claim and how to proceed with it. Contact Dansker & Aspromonte Associates today at (212) 732-2929 to speak with a team member.

    Compensation to Which You May Be Entitled After a Staten Island Car Accident

    Being involved in a car accident can turn your life upside down in the blink of an eye. Injuries sustained could have a long-term impact on your physical, financial, and emotional well-being.

    You may have recourse to be compensated for your injuries and losses through damages that cover:

    Noneconomic Damages

    Pain and suffering, permanent injuries and disabilities, mental anguish, and other noneconomic damages may be difficult to quantify but you are entitled to recover compensation for them from the time of your accident and into the future including compensation for all permanent injuries.

    Once our team has discussed your case with you and investigated your losses, we can help determine a value for your case. We will fight to recover a fair settlement from your insurer or the other driver’s insurer. If the insurer fails to offer a fair settlement, we will take your case to court.

    Medical Bills

    You could be entitled to compensation for any of the following medical expenses:

    • Hospitalization costs
    • Ambulance fees
    • Prescription medication
    • A home health care aid
    • Copays and other costs related to doctor’s appointments
    • Assistive devices and other medical equipment
    • Ongoing rehabilitation costs

    Lost Wages

    If your injuries kept you out of work, you are entitled to compensation for any wages you lost. This can include recovery time as well as time you needed to take off to attend doctor’s appointments or physical therapy sessions.

    Lost Earning Capacity

    In some cases, your injuries might require you to take a lesser-paying job or even take your ability to work in any capacity. You can—and should—include those lost wages in your claim.

    Miscellaneous Expenses

    There are several expenses that injured parties might not think they can recover after an accident. Losses like parking fees at your doctor’s office, the costs of widening doorways in your home to make room for a wheelchair, or the costs of hiring help around the house can be all compensable.

    What You Need to Know About the Staten Island Car Accident Claims Process

    Car accident laws can be complicated. It can also be challenging to determine whether you have the right to file a lawsuit and when to do it. In order to pursue a lawsuit arising out of a motor vehicle accident, you must have suffered a serious physical injury. A serious injury is defined in many ways in the law. Many injuries are obviously serious such as the loss of a limb or a fractured spine but others may not be obvious. An experienced car accident attorney can help you determine if you have suffered a serious physical injury under the law when you may not be able to do so.

    There are also time limits to bringing a claim and starting a lawsuit. If you miss the deadline, you may not be able to recover at all.

    You will no doubt have many questions about what you should do following a car accident. The team at Dansker & Aspromonte Associates can make you aware of all your options. Call (212) 732-2929 for a free case evaluation. Begin your journey to recovery today.

    What a Staten Island Car Accident Lawyer Can Do for You

    Along with helping you to navigate the complex legal issues present in car accident claims when negotiating with insurance companies, our team can:

    • Investigate the cause of the accident.
    • Collect evidence.
    • Request police reports and witness testimony.
    • Prove accountability.
    • Review insurance reports.
    • Evaluate the extent of your injuries and other related losses.
    • Provide regular updates about your case progression.

    You do not have to face this battle alone. With us at your side, you can count on us to use our resources to fight for your claim.

    What You Can Do for Your Case

    While your lawyer will handle the legal aspects of your case, there are a few things you can do to help your case:

    Avoid Speaking with the Insurance Company

    The insurance company wants to pay you as little as possible. One tactic they use to lower payouts is attempting to trick injured parties into admitting fault or saying that they are not injured. You should speak to an attorney before speaking to the insurance company

    Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

    Many people stop following their doctor’s orders when they begin to feel better. However, this can be very detrimental to your case. The other side can claim that you are exaggerating or contributing to your injuries. They might claim that you are not injured at all, which could cause you to lose your case. Be sure to follow your doctor’s orders until you have healed or reached maximum medical improvement.

    Providing Legal Support to Staten Island Car Accident Victims

    For legal representation you can count on, look no further than Dansker & Aspromonte Associates. Call (212) 732-2929 to speak to a team member about your options today. We can support you and your family during this time. You can ask us all your legal questions and rely on us to fight for justice on your behalf.