Why You Shouldn’t Always Trust Your Insurance Company After an Accident

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The last thing you want to worry about after being involved in an automobile accident is having to go through a lengthy claims process with an insurance company. But while you may think you can rely upon insurance companies to help you and provide you with compensation if warranted, it is important to remember that insurance companies typically only have one goal in mind—to make money. Insurance company representatives may act friendly and welcoming, but personal injury attorneys in NY know all too well how quickly insurance companies can turn from friend to enemy when they have to pay you rather than you pay them.

Your insurance company may in fact offer you a settlement for your injuries and vehicular damages, but typically it is a rather low settlement, and not indicative of what you really deserve. Additionally, if it is another insurance company you must deal with other than your own, they may be even less helpful, and may even try to lay the blame for the accident on you in order to avoid paying you anything.

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NY personal injury attorneys experienced in dealing with insurance companies know that your insurance company will typically try to drag things out, drown you in paperwork, delay things with claims adjuster appointments, and overall frustrate you rather than help you. You may not want to think such things are possible with a company that you should trust, but if you remember that they are a business, and the main purpose of their business is to make money, you’ll quickly realize that acquiring the services of an auto accident lawyer in NY is your best course of action after an accident.

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