NY Zone of Danger Law May Provide Compensation to Witnesses of Immediate Family Member Accidents

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A case that went before the Court of Appeals in New York entitled Bovson v. Sanperi brought to the forefront the Zone of Danger Law when a father was crushed while servicing his broke down car by an inattentive driver of another vehicle, causing him serious injuries. Mr. Bovson’s horrendous accident occurred while his wife and daughter were still in the vehicle. Although neither family member actually witnessed the strike, they were instantly aware that it occurred where Mr. Bovson was working on the car.

The Bovson family received compensation for the accident, according to the Zone of Danger law which outlines that if an accident is witnessed by those of the victim’s immediate family, they can receive damages based on the trauma caused to them as well. The law recognizes that an immediate family member, or members, which are witness to the traumatic incident injuring or killing of their loved one, are also involved and suffer. The Zone of Danger law only covers the immediate family members of father, mother, brother, sister, son, or daughter. It does not cover any other relationships.

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A family member that witnesses such an accident must prove that they have experienced some form of physical or psychological injury themselves in order to win a Zone of Danger case. Good car accident lawyers NYC and personal injury attorneys, such as work with our personal injury firm, are skilled at determining if immediate family witness injuries are admissible in a Zone of Danger case and can help you win compensation for your traumatic experience.

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