Can I Sue For Whiplash After An Accident?

Car accident

Whiplash results from a sudden back and forth movement of the head, which causes strain on the neck. This type of injury is particularly common when involved in an automobile accident due to the force of stopping abruptly. Neck injuries, like head injuries, may not be evident at the time of the accident, but can often take hours, days, or even weeks to show up which can leave the victim in dire straits.

Although real cases of whiplash are common, the abuse of such claims has made them extremely unpopular with judges, juries and medical personnel which compound the problem for winning whiplash cases. It often requires a good personal injury lawyer to win such cases and glean fair value compensation for the victim.

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One of the most important steps for winning whiplash cases is to request a medical examination at the time of any accident that causes a sudden surge of your head and neck, even if you do not feel any pain or discomfort at the time. If there is evidence of damage, or if the damage may be suspected by treating physicians, then you have documentation for future court cases.

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