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Truck Accident Lawsuit

A  Potentially Lethal Combination:  The Trucker’s Life, High-Speed Highways, and You The big rigs, long hours, and endless highways that have inspired countless trucker ballads can also make for an incredibly lethal combination for other drivers on the roadway. Keep in mind, a fully-loaded commercial truck often weighs more than 25 times as much as an average […]

Who Pays for a DUI Accident in NYC?

When you’ve been injured by a drunk driver, responsibility for the accident seems obvious: getting behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol is both illegal and negligent, and the driver should pay for any harm he or she causes. In fact, proving liability in a DUI accident is usually clear-cut. Unfortunately, winning a […]

When is a New York School Liable for Injury to a Child?

Accidents happen, and children may be particularly accident-prone as they run, play, climb, roughhouse, and generally take chances that most adults don’t encounter in everyday life. Still, when you entrust your child to an institution and the adults who staff it, you have a right to expect that reasonable precautions will be taken to keep […]