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What is TBI?

If you have questions about traumatic brain injury (TBI), you are apparently in good company. “What is a TBI?” was the fourth-most-asked medical question on Google in 2016. It’s no surprise that TBI has been raising a lot of questions lately. During 2016, we saw major news stories relating to traumatic brain injuries in both […]

Construction Site Electrocutions Often Involve Negligence

When you think of construction accidents, you probably picture falls, run-ins with heavy equipment or falling materials. Those are all common types of construction accidents, and falls are the most common cause of construction site deaths. Still, electrocution is far more common than you might think, accounting for nearly 10% of construction-related fatalities. Electrical injuries […]

New York City Bicycle Accidents are Surprisingly Serious

Most of us have been in bicycles accidents—when we were in elementary school. And, bicyclists flying over the handlebars after an ill-timed car door swings open are popular fodder for comedy films. With those associations in play, it’s easy to shrug off bicycle accidents as minor incidents that are little more than an annoyance. The […]