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New York Personal Injury Law Firm Consultation Preparation

When you’ve been injured and you’re looking to hire a personal injury lawyer in New York, one of your first steps should be to schedule a free consultation with a New York personal injury law firm.  This free consultation offers an important opportunity for you to: Making the most of this first conversation requires some […]

All About Personal Injury Lawyers

For the most part, serious or fatal injuries sustained in car crashes, falls and similar circumstances are simply classified as “accidental,” meaning they were unexpected or happened by chance. The National Safety Council prefers the term, “preventable.” In either case, there’s no doubt that these incidents take a huge toll on American society. By the […]

Avoid Winter Car Accidents – Safe Winter Driving Tips

While winter weather has some incredible beauty associated with it, it also has a lot of danger to those driving on the roads during any type of snowy weather. If you have been trying to figure out ways of making driving this winter just a bit safer, then you are not alone. It is incredibly […]

Car Accidents and injuries

Car accidents are often fast, explosive and violent. More often than not you may be left wondering what just happened as you regain your bearings after the initial impact. Even if the impact is relatively small, you may still experience a number of common injuries associated with car accidents. These include: For a free legal […]

Personal Injury

Are you looking for a personal injury lawyer in New York City? Look no further than Dansker & Aspromonte Associates LLP. Our lawyers aggressively seek compensation for those who have suffered injury or death due to negligence, malpractice or accident. With over 30 years of experience and hundreds of millions of dollars recovered for thousands […]

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

At first thought, many would think identifying nursing home abuse would be easy, but sometimes it can be very difficult. As your loved ones age, regression of their physical and mental state are normal, and differentiating the difference between abuse and natural aging can be tricky. Noticing the signs before something tragic happens can save […]

The Dangers of Drowsy Rideshare Driver

Both Uber and Lyft place limits on the number of consecutive hours a driver can be logged in to the app, and some cities have placed even more stringent restrictions. In New York, rideshare drivers are subject to the same limitations as taxi and limousine drivers: a maximum of 10 hours of passenger time per […]

New York Bike Accident Lawyers – Helmet Protection & Brain Injuries

If you ride bicycles, you may have an idea of just how much crashing hurts. Crashing or being hit while riding your bicycle can be anything from simply embarrassing to majorly painful. New riders may think that they’re skilled enough to never crash, but ask any bicycle accident lawyer and they will tell you there […]

Fatal Accident – New York City Wrongful Death

Serious Injury At Dansker and Aspromonte, we handle all serious injury and wrongful death cases.  When someone is seriously injured they are entitled to receive compensation for all their pain and suffering from the time of the accident to the time that their case is tried or settled and for all the future pain and […]

An Overview of Informed Consent

If you have suffered from medical malpractice due to errors in the emergency room, diagnosis or surgery, you should contact an experienced attorney to evaluate and represent your case. Whenever a medical professional is considering using any type of medical treatment or procedure on a patient, he or she must first get an informed consent […]