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Unnecessary Angioplasties? Doctors Must Treat Chest Pain Properly

The dangers of failing to diagnose cancer and other serious health conditions are well known. Less appreciated, however, are the risks that come from overtreatment. Those risks can also lead to severe consequences. The result can be injuries caused by medical malpractice. The New York Times reported recently on a major hospital chain that used […]

NYC Citi Bike Share Program Leads to Bike Safety Debate

New York City’s crowded streets are about to gain some additional traffic – not from taxis or other motor vehicles as you might expect, but in the form of up to 10,000 bicycles that will be a part of the Citi Bike share program. The program has raised some eyebrows, as New York residents wonder […]

The Other Distracted Driving – Commuter Coffee and Car Accidents

Distracted driving is a topic of serious and widespread concern. Public information campaigns abound to discourage texting, emailing, playing games on a mobile device, or talking on a cell phone while driving. In most states, including New York, some or all of these activities are illegal. However, statutes and ordinances tend to focus on the use […]

New York Bike Share Program on Hold Until Spring

New York City is still planning an ambitious bike-sharing program. But Mayor Bloomberg said last week that it will not be launched until next year. Bicyclists had been eagerly anticipating the program. Many cyclists hope that more bicycle riders will mean improved safety for bikers, as motorists adapt to sharing the road with more and […]

Pedestrian Accidents: Federal Safety Agency Seeks Changes in Vehicle Design

Pedestrian deaths caused by motor vehicles are a serious problem in New York City and elsewhere across the country. Nationally, the figures are startlingly high. According to federal data, cars claimed the lives of nearly 4,300 pedestrians in 2010. Most of these deaths are in urban areas. In fact, the statistics show that about 3 […]