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Businesses get extra time to file workers’ comp claims after Sandy

Super storm Sandy will not be easily forgotten in the areas affected-especially those counties that were declared disaster zones, such as Richmond County, the county encompassing Staten Island, as well as Orange, Rockland, and Westchester counties. In these areas, residents and businesses are still trying to recover and rebuild, as any NYC workplaces injury attorney knows. Governor […]

New York Woman Sues Grocery Store After Slip and Fall Injury

When entering a public place with lots of foot-traffic, such as a grocery store or shopping mall, many people may take for granted that the premises will be safe and clean-and indeed, owners of such places are under a legal duty to take reasonable steps to ensure that the property is safe for their customers. […]

Fire Adds to List of Accidents at World Trade Center Site

Of all of the occupations out there, construction work can be one of the most dangerous. Between the various tools required and the heights to which workers must climb, risks are plentiful. And as any workplace accidents attorney in New York knows, working on skyscrapers can be especially dangerous. Recently, a small fire started at the construction […]