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The Surprising Danger of Driving Drowsy

New Yorkers, and drivers across the country, engage in many dangerous behaviors on the road. From distracted driving associated with texting and other mobile device usage to speeding and driving under the influence, a disturbing percentage of those on the road put themselves and others at risk. Extensive campaigns have been designed to warn us […]

8th Avenue’s First Consumer Guide

Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and Brooklyn Community Improvement Association Joined Together to Propagate the Publication of 8th Avenue’s First Consumer Guide Brooklyn Community Improvement Association (BCIA) and Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce joined together to promote business development by publishing the first edition of the Chinese and English consumer guide Country Home Style Cooking in Brooklyn this […]

Commercial Trucking Dangers Impact Everyone

It’s no secret that commercial truck accidents are especially dangerous for drivers and passengers of other vehicles, pedestrians, and others. The combination of size and weight make large trucks difficult to control under many circumstances and increase the time it takes to stop the vehicle. And, of course, the larger, heavier vehicles are likely to […]

Medication Errors: Heart Patients at Risk After Release From Hospital

Even if a patient survives an initial heart attack, a dangerous period awaits upon release from the hospital. According to a new study, half of all patients who are hospitalized for heart attack or heart failure make medication mistakes in the first month upon returning home. If a medication error is made by a health […]

Car Involved in New York Elevator Accident

Elevator accidents caused by mechanical failure are invariably dangerous. When a motor vehicle is involved, that only raises the ante. Such was the case last week on the Upper East Side, when an employee of a parking garage drove a car into an open elevator shaft. Two workers were injured in the incident. The accident […]

Latest New York Tour Bus Accident Is Part of Disturbing Pattern

Fortunately, last week’s crash of a casino bus returning to New York City from Connecticut wasn’t “déjà vu all over again.” No one was killed – though dozens were injured – when an overnight tour bus collided with the center guardrail on I-95 in New Rochelle in the early hours of July 4. This, at […]

Falling Air Conditioners Pose Danger Below

In one of the first episodes of the hit TV series “Mad Men,” a woman throws her newly acquired television set out of her high-rise apartment window. This impulsive act was also reckless, as the bulky device could have hit someone on the sidewalk below. Unfortunately, in today’s New York, bulky objects falling from buildings […]