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Trial in New York Bus Crash Case Highlights Victims’ Rights

New Yorkers are used to relying on different forms of alternative transportation. For trips close to home, they take the subway, a taxi or a city bus. For longer trips outside of the city, many choose trains or commercial bus services. Unfortunately, those bus rides are not always as safe as they should be. Over […]

Brooklyn man killed in hit-and-run accident

Pedestrians in large cities such as New York City are familiar with having to deal with heavy vehicular traffic. Between taxicabs, local drivers, and out-of-towners trying to navigate a new city,  pedestrians are always at risk. While during the daylight hours, accidents may be more easily avoidable, at night or early morning before the sun […]

Hurricane Effects Linger, Cause Car Accidents in Manhattan

Natural disasters such as tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, and most recently, hurricanes, can cause destruction, death, and chaos in urban areas. Hurricane Sandy left a devastating impact on many areas along the east coast, including New York City. And though the hurricane itself is long gone, its effects remain and continue to wreak havoc on the […]

Study Shows Benefits Of Bike Lanes In New York City

When a city makes big changes to the way traffic flows, locals can often show resistance to the modification, and the overall effects of the changes may not be immediately apparent. Additions to the streets of New York City, such as bike lanes and pedestrian-only areas, may be intended to reduce bicycle accidents and pedestrian accidents — […]

New York State Troopers Will Train for Electric Car Crashes

The number of hybrid and electric vehicles on the road has increased as environmentally friendly methods of transportation become more popular and affordable. However, unlike conventional vehicles, these cars pose a greater threat if involved in car accidents because of the presence of high-voltage components. New York state troopers will soon be equipped to handle the danger […]