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Police Officer Hurt While Saving Man on Subway Tracks

New York police officers put themselves in the line of danger every day to protect the city’s citizens. This includes not only a risk of violence, but also of workplace accidents. For example, an NYPD officer fell on the subway tracks at Times Square while trying to rescue a man picking up trash on the tracks. […]

Doctor’s relationship with patient leads to medical malpractice

The term “medical malpractice” usually brings to mind doctor or hospital negligence, errors in treatment, anesthesia or surgery, or some element of worsened medical condition. A key aspect of the legal concept is injury to the patient, and that injury is often physical. However, the scope of medical malpractice may be broader in certain circumstances. The New […]

New York Construction Worker Killed in Building Collapse

Construction work can be a dangerous occupation. Construction accidents in NYC can devastate not only the building project, but the lives of injured workers or the families of workers who are killed in accidents. Over the past several years, the number of construction accidents in New York City has gone up from 119 per year to 157 […]

New York Street Gets Traffic Light as Safety Measure for Cyclists

Cities such as New York City are known as much for their robust bicycling and pedestrian culture as they are for their vehicular traffic. With so many different modes of transportation being used along the same city streets, danger lurks for everyone, from drivers, to cyclists and pedestrians. Even in less high-traffic areas the danger […]

New York City Council to NYPD: Do More to Investigate Accidents

It is no secret that motor vehicle accidents are a huge problem in New York City, with so many people on the roads it is inevitable. All you have to do is open the morning paper or turn on the evening news to be confronted with a seemingly endless stream of stories about pedestrians, bicyclists […]