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Loss of Life Suffered in Multi-Vehicle Wreck in The Bronx

Losing a loved one is a traumatic, gut-wrenching event and that pain is only exacerbated when the loss is sudden and completely unexpected. Unfortunately, a family is now experiencing this horrific feeling after a man was killed in a six-car chain-reaction wreck that occurred in The Bronx. The tragic accident occurred in the left lane […]

New York Offers Extra Protection to Public Servants Injured in the Line of Duty

New York City police and firefighters put their personal safety on the line every day. Although officers and firefighters are entitled to income and medical care if they are disabled by a line of duty injury, that isn’t always sufficient to fully compensate the injured officer. It also doesn’t ensure that the responsible party will […]

NYC School Bus Accidents Can be Fatal

When you send your child off to school on that big yellow bus, you want to feel secure that he or she is in good hands and will arrive safely at school. Fortunately, that is exactly what happens in the vast majority of cases. School transportation accidents account for less than one-half of one percent […]

Long Island school tries to cut down on playground accidents

We can all agree that it would be best to minimize accidents involving children at school.Playground accidents can prove to be debilitating and affect a child for his or her entire life. In recent years, parents and schools have stepped up their efforts to provide safe places for children to play at school. But can these […]

New York City cab driver killed when car crashed into his vehicle

Pedestrian accidents and car accidents in New York City are not uncommon and can be devastating and tragic when they occur. Crosswalks and traffic laws exist to reduce the incidence of these types of accidents. But any motor vehicle accident attorney in New York knows that despite these safety precautions, accidents happen anyway. Recently, a New York City cab […]

Bicycling teenager dies after being hit by a car

People in New York who have been injured in a car accident in which another party is at fault have the right to seek compensation for their injuries and losses. Likewise, the family members of someone who is killed as a result of a negligent driver’s actions can seek to contact an accident attorney in New […]

New York Van Jumps Curb and Strikes Pedestrians

Parents and other adults worry about the many dangers that the streets of New York City can pose to children. Guns, drugs and crime may face youngsters as they make their way to school each day. Sadly, New Yorkers were reminded that reckless drivers must also be added to the list after a tragic and […]

Liability of Student Injuries is Based on NY School’s Control Over Events

According to a recent opinion of an appeals court, the amount of control a district has over a school-related activity that students attend can determine whether or not a NY school is responsible for students that get injured. When a school is the one controlling what’s going on within an event and is able to […]

British visitor to NYC loses foot in runaway cab accident

On Tuesday, a British woman who was visiting New York City on her “dream vacation” was struck by a cabdriver. She lost her foot as a result of the pedestrian-car accident. The 23-year-old woman and her friend were sitting on the ledge of a fountain in the neighborhood of 50th Street and Sixth Avenue around […]

Pain Awareness Month a good time to discuss workers’ compensation

When New Yorkers think of September, they probably think of cooling temperatures, students returning to school and the end of summer, but September is also Pain Awareness Month. With that in mind, let’s consider a problem that many New Yorkers who were injured on the job have to confront on a daily basis: chronic pain. […]