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Loss of Life Suffered in Multi-Vehicle Wreck in The Bronx

Losing a loved one is a traumatic, gut-wrenching event and that pain is only exacerbated when the loss is sudden and completely unexpected. Unfortunately, a family is now experiencing this horrific feeling after a man was killed in a six-car chain-reaction wreck that occurred in The Bronx. The tragic accident occurred in the left lane […]

New York Offers Extra Protection to Public Servants Injured in the Line of Duty

New York City police and firefighters put their personal safety on the line every day. Although officers and firefighters are entitled to income and medical care if they are disabled by a line of duty injury, that isn’t always sufficient to fully compensate the injured officer. It also doesn’t ensure that the responsible party will […]

NYC School Bus Accidents Can be Fatal

When you send your child off to school on that big yellow bus, you want to feel secure that he or she is in good hands and will arrive safely at school. Fortunately, that is exactly what happens in the vast majority of cases. School transportation accidents account for less than one-half of one percent […]

Family of New York Woman Crushed in Elevator Accident Sues

In a city like New York City, where skyscrapers are plentiful and many people must use elevators to get to high floors, elevator accidents are not uncommon. As any New York elevator accident lawyer knows, such accidents can be extremely dangerous, and even deadly. The surviving family members of a New York woman who was […]

Man Arrested in Deadly 2-Car Accident in Harlem

Even though there are laws that require drivers to pass a driving test and obtain a driver’s license before they are legally allowed to drive, there is nothing physically stopping an unlicensed person from getting behind the wheel. Those who are unfamiliar with the rules of the road can pose a hazard to other drivers […]

Pedestrian hit and killed by tractor trailer

While walking is a healthy activity, in certain places and situations, it also comes with certain risks. Pedestrian-only areas, or places with clearly marked sidewalks, are the safest for walkers, but they are not always convenient for where you want to go. Where protections like sidewalks are not available, pedestrians must exercise caution-and even then, […]

Drowsy NYC Bus Driver Causes Multiple Car Accidents

Often, the motivation for taking public transportation can be a desire to avoid the hassle of driving in rush-hour traffic and finding parking. Sometimes, riders just want to sit back and let someone else take the wheel while saving money by not taking a cab. But as New York Bus Accident lawyers know, taking public transportation involves […]