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New York City cab driver killed when car crashed into his vehicle

Pedestrian accidents and car accidents in New York City are not uncommon and can be devastating and tragic when they occur. Crosswalks and traffic laws exist to reduce the incidence of these types of accidents. But any motor vehicle accident attorney in New York knows that despite these safety precautions, accidents happen anyway. Recently, a New York City cab […]

Brooklyn Man Killed in Dirt Bike-Car Accident

Bike riding in a busy, high-traffic city such as New York City can be an efficient means of travel-but it can also be a very high-risk activity. An accident can happen at any time, but riding at night can be particularly dangerous because of low visibility, and a crash between a car and a bike can […]

Queens Crane Collapse Injures New York Construction Workers

Construction work is risky for everyone involved. As any NYC construction accident attorney knows, there is financial risk for investors and the construction company, and more importantly, physical risk for the construction workers who are out there daily performing the physical labor. Recently, seven construction workers were injured when a 380-foot crane at the construction site of […]

Bronx Woman Fatally Injured After Hit and Run Accident

The New York metropolitan area teems with automobiles and pedestrians. While the common car accident can pose a serious risk to motorists, a single-vehicle crash involving pedestrians almost always result in severe injuries or death. When these tragedies occur, victims and their families may find themselves in a difficult position, struggling to recover and move on with […]