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Pain Awareness Month a good time to discuss workers’ compensation

When New Yorkers think of September, they probably think of cooling temperatures, students returning to school and the end of summer, but September is also Pain Awareness Month. With that in mind, let’s consider a problem that many New Yorkers who were injured on the job have to confront on a daily basis: chronic pain. […]

Car speeding from police in Brooklyn crashes, injures several

Many New Yorkers are hurt every day in car collisions. Many of these motor vehicle accidents are just that — accidents. While a particular driver might be at fault for a collision, in the vast majority of cases, the people at fault are not likely acting with malice — just extreme carelessness. However, when a driver hits […]

State Medical Boards Slow to Punish Negligent Doctors

According to an article recently published in USA Today, state medical boards are slow to take action against physicians who commit malpractice. The article found that many of the nation’s medical boards have failed to revoke the licenses of many of the physicians who have been fired by private medical facilities, barred from hospitals or […]

SUV Car Accident Lawyers New York City

As the leaves change and the air cools, New York City area children are back in school. Much like their parents, many area students walk or use public transportation to get to and from school. Recently, what began as a normal walk to school for three Queens students quickly turned into a nightmare as they […]

12 kids injured at carnival when ride breaks down

Carnival rides are supposed to be fun, an activity to momentarily distract adults and children alike from the rigors of everyday life. However, when something goes wrong, we are reminded that these machines can be dangerous if they are not operating properly. These rides, that are meant to thrill people and scare them into thinking […]