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Personal Injury Glossary

We provide a glossary of some key terms of personal injury for your convenience. Preparing to Meet with your Personal Injury Attorney Before meeting with your lawyer, it is prudent to prepare information concerning your case. This list offers different types of information you could lead to a first meeting with your personal injury attorney. What […]

Automobile Practice Center

Auto accidents have many causes: Distracted drivers, drunk driving, dangerous weather and even the lack of road maintenance. No matter what the cause, the impact can be devastating. Contact our firm today for a consultation and evaluation of your case with a lawyer. Learn More About Auto Accidents in New York If you have been […]

What Are Your Rights After a Traffic Accident?

Being involved in a traffic accident is confusing, stressful, and scary, and you might not be thinking properly for a while as you deal with the shock and trauma, especially if you have suffered injuries. However, it is important to know and be aware of your rights as a victim in an accident, and what […]

Is Your Life Going to Change Due to an Accident? Have You Gotten Enough Compensation?

When you are involved in an accident that causes you to sustain serious injuries, your immediate concern is typically your medical bills, and of course, getting better. Unfortunately, many serious injuries can result in dramatic life changes that require extensive, ongoing medical treatments, rehabilitation, medications, or other circumstances that affect how you live your life. […]

When a Nice Day Out In NY Results in Injuries, Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

When warmer seasons arrive there is plenty of fun to be had in New York City. Unfortunately, it also seems that there is more risk potential for accidents, injuries, and unfortunate deaths. Such an incident occurred recently at the New York City pier, in which three individuals sustained injuries from an electrical accident. Thankfully, they […]

Are Bike Safety Laws Enough to Protect You From Injury?

Numerous safety laws already exist for motorists, pedestrians and bicycle riders in New York City, all designed to improve safety and reduce the chances of an accident and injury among those using the city’s streets and sidewalks. But accidents still occur all too often, especially where bicyclists are concerned, which is prompting city officials and […]

Trucking Accidents in New York and How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

The shocking news involving the death of one comedian and the serious injuries of actor and comedian Tracy Morgan has been a source of much discussion lately, especially when it was revealed that the driver of the truck that caused the accident had allegedly not slept for over 24 hours. The accident highlights trucking safety […]

Accidents Caused by Vehicles Involved in a Recall

Over the last few months, General Motors has issued recalls for millions of cars that have factory defects, in response to several deaths of consumers that have occurred due to the ignition problems with GM vehicles. A recent news story stated that the company is set to begin processing claims for the families of the victims, […]

More Injuries Lead to More GM Recalls—Is the Compensation they Offer Enough?

General Motors have certainly been in the news a lot lately, as more and more automobiles are recalled. They have been under increased scrutiny for the delays in recalls when they allegedly knew that there were potential dangers with faulty ignition switches, airbags, and other issues. In trying to appease the concerns of consumers and […]