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Boy dies after TV falls on top of him in day care accident

When New York parents are deciding on a day care facility for their children, there are multiple factors that they need to consider. Location is important; having a facility that is conveniently located can potentially save a lot of time spent traveling for both parents and kids. Certainly, cost is always a concern as well. […]

Bronx Jury Awards NYC Police Officer $31 Million Dollars

Today a Bronx jury awarded $31 Million dollars to a NYC police officer who was severely injured in an intersection collision with a New York City Transit Authority vehicle. The police officer, 45, sustained brain damage, nerve damage and knee injuries when the patrol car she was a passenger in was struck by Chevy suburban […]

FAQs About Premises Liability

Q: What is premises liability? A: Premises liability is an area of law that governs the duties of property owners and occupiers, protecting entrants from harmful conditions or defects on the property. Q: What is a licensee? A: A licensee is an individual who goes onto a property with the expressed or implied permission of […]

Could you be at risk for getting an infection in the hospital?

It goes without saying that when New York residents have to go into the hospital, they don’t expect their health problems to worsen as a result of their care. However, many people end up with an infection acquired during the course of their care — as many as one in 25 patients across the country, […]

FAQs about Medical Malpractice

Questions Frequently Asked Regarding Medical Malpractice Q: What is medical malpractice? A: Medical malpractice is when a doctor or other health care provider neglects a patient and it results in harm or injury being caused to the patient. In these cases, negligence can come from dentists, hospitals, hospital employees, technicians, nurses, and other departments that […]

Getting Compensation for Auto Accident Injuries

Getting Compensation for Auto Accident Injuries It’s important that you consult with a personal injury lawyer when you have been in an auto accident in NYC. The attorneys at Dansker & Aspromonte Associates LLP can be consulted in this matter. We have the knowledge and experience to help you win compensation to cover your medical […]

‘Springing forward’ can leave workers open to injuries

It’s not overstating things to say that this winter in New York has been one of the rougher ones in recent memory. However, it’s at last true that spring is around the corner. The official end of winter is next week, while another marker of the change of seasons, daylight saving time, took effect this […]

Disabled truck leads to confusion, pileup; 1 person killed

The difficult winter we’ve all experienced here in New York has had wide-ranging impacts. One of the most noticeable is that road conditions have been quite poor throughout the Northeast and much of the country this winter. Aside from cars and passenger trucks slipping and sliding, larger vehicles have more trouble getting started and staying […]