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Was speed a factor in your accident?

New York City has a stigma attached to it, which is essentially the belief that all NYC drivers drive crazily through Manhattan’s crowded streets. While newcomers to driving in the city may in fact find it a little frightening at first, there is actually a somewhat organized manner to the way people drive in the city. Of […]

When Cosmetic Surgery Goes Wrong – is Medical Negligence to Blame?

Cosmetic surgery has become popular in today’s society and millions of people seek cosmetic operations every year. Sometimes, things go wrong and cosmetic surgeries that are supposed to make you look younger and more beautiful end up causing pain, suffering, and disfigurement. If such devastating events occur to you due to the negligence of cosmetic […]

Protect Your Children: Obtain Legal Assistance for NY Day Care Negligence

People tend to automatically trust the care of their children to New York daycare providers and, in most cases, that trust is well placed. However, negligence in the daycare industry can occur just as readily as in any other sector of society, creating the need for a daycare or playground accident lawyer. Purposeful physical or […]

In a Dangerous World, Injury Compensation May Be Due to Inadequate Security

There is no doubt, the world is becoming a more dangerous place and New York City is no exception. People who rent apartments in the city expect, and are entitled to, a certain amount of security from their landlords. Residents should be able to go to and from work and school and children should be […]