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Is Another Family Liable if Your Child Was injured on Their Trampoline?

Backyard trampolines seem to be quite common these days and can provide daily hours of fun for children everywhere. But any parent knows that trampolines can also be dangerous, and proper safety, care, and precaution must be observed at all times in order to ensure the safety of their children. Still, accidents may happen nonetheless, […]

When You Are Injured in a Taxi Accident, Who is at Fault, The Driver or The Company?

New York taxi drivers are often portrayed as reckless, crazy, and horrible drivers, but thousands of New Yorkers still use taxi services every day. Amazingly, taxi accidents are not as common as you would think, so maybe taxi drivers do have some decent driving skills after all. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ever any […]

Did your child slip and fall at school? How school accident lawyers in NYC can help.

You often hear about slip and fall accidents in office buildings, near construction zones, and in retail establishments, but these types of accidents can also happen at school. Crowded halls, school equipment, wet floors, and many other factors can contribute to a child slipping, falling, and hurting themselves at school, and if their injuries are […]

Businesses are responsible for your safety

Whenever you enter a building, whether it is an office building, a restaurant, a retail store, or some other type of establishment, the owners of the property have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their patrons. Unfortunately, accidents do often occur despite how vigilant someone might be in adhering to safety rules and regulations, […]

How Do NYC Personal Injury Attorneys Help You Receive Compensation for Future Medical Expenses

After an accident, with or without a personal injury attorney in NYC, you may receive a settlement that covers your medical expenses for any injuries you sustained. However, some injuries often require future medical treatment, and insurance companies don’t often take that into account when they offer you a settlement. NYC personal injury attorneys often see many […]

Large Truck Accidents Often Lead to Fatalities

Being involved in any sort of automobile accident can be a scary experience. It is even more frightening when a truck is involved in the accident, because accidents involving trucks often lead to very serious injuries and unfortunate accidental fatalities. Such is the case in which a tractor-trailer driver is accused of being responsible for […]

Do you automatically receive a settlement if struck by a car?

If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident where the moving vehicle struck you while you were walking, then it stands to reason that you would attempt to file a lawsuit against the driver and receive compensation for your injuries. But there is actually no guarantee that you are entitled […]