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Avoid Personal Injury – Motorcycle Safety

Motorcyclists face many challenges to remain safe on the road.  Avoiding accidents by driving safely and wearing safety equipment can greatly reduce one’s chance of injury or worse. Owning a bike can be a real adventure, as many feel like there is nothing like the open road and the world around you. While you’re exposed […]

Five Reasons To Hire A Car Accident Lawyer After Your Accident

If you’ve recently been in a car accident, you may be wondering whether or not you should hire a car accident lawyer. In NY, car accident lawyers can help you in a number of ways, so it is always recommended that you at least contact one for a consultation before making any final decisions. Additionally, […]

Injured in a truck related accident?

Automobile accidents in New York City are quite common, given the amount of traffic and distractions all around. However, there is also an ample amount of accidents involving trucks, as any truck accident lawyer in New York can attest to. A recent example that you might have read about in the news is the large accident that […]

Was your child injured playing school sports?

School sports are a great activity for many children and older students, but just because they are not major league does not mean that they are safe. In fact, school accident lawyers see cases all too often in which a child was injured playing in gym class or on a school sports team. Sometimes this […]

Did a loved one die in a car accident?

When an unfortunate tragedy occurs and a loved one has died in or as a result of a car accident, it is highly unlikely that you are thinking of filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the person or persons responsible. But after suitable time has passed to allow you to begin to think rationally and […]