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NYC Taxi Accident Lawyer

While there are many jokes made about terrible and dangerous New York City taxi drivers, it is no joke when a driver actually causes an accident, injuring passengers, pedestrians, or occupants of other cars. You might be surprised to learn that there are approximately 1,400 accidents in New York involving taxi cabs every month. Thankfully, […]

Did a NYC dentist turn your smile into a frown?

Dental malpractice cases are not as uncommon as you might think. When seeking dental care, you expect procedures to be performed properly by an experienced dentist or dental hygienist. Unfortunately, sometimes a dentist can be negligent in their care and procedures, and you can be injured or face more dental damage. When this happens while […]

How Safe Are NYC Railroad Crossings?

Train accidents are prevalent among recent headlines. Many of these accidents occur at railroad crossings where collisions with objects or vehicles on the track result in many injuries and unfortunate deaths. Accidents can often be attributed to faulty equipment or excessive speeds. Regardless, train operators, conductors, and those responsible for maintaining railroad equipment have a […]

Poor Lighting is Often the Culprit in Many Slip and Fall Accidents

When you are dining in a fine restaurant or seeing a show on Broadway, you, of course, understand that lights may be dimmed so as to improve the ambiance and the experience. But dim lighting where it is not warranted only serves to improve your chances of slipping and falling or damaging yourself in other […]

Were You Hurt When Faulty Scaffolding Collapsed?

The use of scaffolding, while necessary, might constitute an inherently dangerous activity due to the added risk of injury when the scaffolding is improperly maintained or assembled.  Scaffolding that has been incorrectly assembled can easily collapse, dropping people and items onto the ground below.  If you were hurt when scaffolding failed you may be able to recover […]