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Closer to Whole: Recovering in a Birth Injury Action

Is there any sort of medical malpractice lawsuit that’s not extremely emotionally taxing? Probably not – but birth injury lawsuits are arguably among the most traumatic type of personal injury claim. If you’re a parent seeking to recover in a birth injury action, knowing what you’re in for, and finding the right New York birth injury attorney, […]

Caring for a Child with Erb’s Palsy

When your child has suffered a birth injury or you discover that your baby has a serious medical problem, your first concern will be providing the care the child needs and to enhance his or her quality of life. You’ll be wrapped up in finding out what type of medical care will be required, and […]

Is Erb’s Palsy Permanent?

Erb’s palsy is a relatively common condition in newborns. Statistics vary, but most show that Erb’s palsy occurs in at least 1 in 1,000 live births in the United States. The seriousness of the condition varies: some cases resolve fairly quickly, while others cause lifelong impairment. Although the severity of the injury and duration of […]

What Causes Cerebral Palsy?

Some cases of cerebral palsy (CP) are genetic, which may be the reason that many parents of children born with cerebral palsy don’t think to look further for a cause. Cerebral palsy is often assumed to be a birth defect when in truth it is frequently the result of a birth injury. This confusion may […]

Recognizing and Addressing NYC Birth Injuries

By Dansker & AspromonteDecember 22, 2016 Birth injuries are more common than you may realize. Birth trauma injuries occur in about seven of 1,000 births in the United States. As a rate, that doesn’t sound high, but in real numbers it means that more than 500 infants each week suffer an injury at birth. In most […]