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What to Do If You Are a NYC Pedestrian/Bicyclist Injured In a Hit and Run

By Dansker & AspromonteMarch 20, 2016 Pedestrians, bicyclists, and cars on the road are everyday facts of life, and sometimes one, or more are not aware of the other and an accident happens. In NYC, pedestrians and bicyclists are struck by cars and injured, or killed every year. At times drivers who hit pedestrians/bicyclists drive away […]

What to do After a Boating Accident in NY

By Dansker & AspromonteMarch 19, 2016 Recreation on the water is fun, relaxing and entertaining, but when you are involved in an accident all those reasons go floating in the current. Property damage and personal injuries, or in a worst-case scenario where a victim goes under water, there are actions requiring immediate attention. You need to […]

How to Start a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in NY

By Dansker & AspromonteMarch 20, 2016 Every state in the U.S. has its own wrongful death governing laws and New York is no different. A wrongful death is defined as the negligence or wrongdoing – misconduct – of a person, company or entity resulting in the death of an individual. If you are a New York […]

Legal Actions to Take for Wrongful Termination in NY

By Dansker & AspromonteMarch 20, 2016 Some states have an “at will” employment law; New York State is one of them. This means an employer is free to hire and fire at their discretion and for any reason, without providing you a reason as much as you may want an explanation. However, even though it is […]