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Commercial Trucking Dangers Impact Everyone

It’s no secret that commercial truck accidents are especially dangerous for drivers and passengers of other vehicles, pedestrians, and others. The combination of size and weight make large trucks difficult to control under many circumstances and increase the time it takes to stop the vehicle. And, of course, the larger, heavier vehicles are likely to […]

Truck Accident Lawsuit

A  Potentially Lethal Combination:  The Trucker’s Life, High-Speed Highways, and You The big rigs, long hours, and endless highways that have inspired countless trucker ballads can also make for an incredibly lethal combination for other drivers on the roadway. Keep in mind, a fully-loaded commercial truck often weighs more than 25 times as much as an average […]

Deadly Road Debris Doesn’t Just Happen

At one time or another, most of us have encountered debris on roadways. Whether the obstacle is the remnant of a ruined tire, an object that’s blown or fallen off of a truck, or a garbage can that’s rolled into the street, we’re usually able to course-adjust and avoid an accident. However, not every driver […]

Insurance Companies Create Obstacles in Tracy Morgan’s Truck Accident Case (and Yours)

By Dansker & AspromonteDecember 11, 2016 It made local and national news this week when the Walmart driver who caused comedian Tracy Morgan’s traumatic brain injury (TBI) entered into a plea deal in a New Jersey criminal court. Comedian James McNair was also killed in that accident, and other passengers in the car Morgan was riding in were […]