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Operating a forklift in NY can sometimes be dangerous

Manhattan residents are no strangers to construction zones, and often walk by them, through them or under them without a second glance. That is because construction zones are just another part of life on NYC streets, and residents know that they are supposed to be safe and properly maintained so as to ensure the utmost […]

2017 NYC Construction Accident Report

According to the New York City Department of Buildings, there were 645 reported construction accidents in the five boroughs in 2017. More than 60% of those accidents took place in Manhattan. NYC Construction Accident Injuries and Fatalities The 645 reported construction accidents resulted in 666 injuries and 12 fatalities. Although the number of construction site […]

Can you receive compensation for your injuries from falling off a ladder?

There is always a risk of falling and suffering injuries when working on a ladder. There are many types of ladders used by NYC residents and workers, and while some may be designed with more safety features than others, they are never 100% safe, and ladder accidents occur often, as many NYC premises accidents lawyers can easily […]

First Steps to Take When Injured on the Job

Now and then, people get injured at the workplace. Knowing what to do when this happens can make sure you get the necessary medical attention as well as the compensation due for workplace injuries. If you find yourself ill or having sustained an injury while undertaking your assigned tasks at work, there are steps you […]

Did you or a loved one suffer after a crane injury?

The operation of cranes, while necessary for building tall structures, is fraught with danger. If a poorly maintained cable snaps, a careless operator swings the boom too far, or another unfortunate occurrence takes place, you can suffer severe injuries.  If this has happened to you, a Staten Island construction accident attorney will protect your rights and ensure […]